One of the greatest reforms in the history of justice gathers momentum. In order to promote easier information access and enhancement of effectiveness, judiciaries in Europe are currently rethinking and transforming traditional systems. By 2020, an electronic file management will be compulsory and judicial operations in Germany will be paperless. We asked ourselves, what impact has the usage of digital possibilities on jurists and their work?
With an emphasis on the needs and experiences of legal practitioners, my team and I analyzed the challenges arising with the digitization of justice. We're still working on this project.


To get a first impression, we attended multiple public trials, mostly in civil matters. Two of the courts were already participating in pilot projects for electronic file management. By interviewing a variety of legal practitioners and people working on the e-justice project, we then gained concrete insights about workflows, issues and needs of involved persons. With the main finding that the digital transformation overstrains a lot of users, we decided to focus on the facilitation of their readjustment.

On the basis of our research, we developed personas, user journeys and empathy maps. Subsequently, we collected opportunity areas on post-its and sorted them by potential. A major potential field was the electronic file management software itself. Realizing that its complexity is overstraining a lot of users, we decided to devise a digital support tool which helps judges preparing cases and presenting file content in a very simple, compact and intuitive way. In a profile of requirements we defined essential functions and characteristics of the application.

Currently we're working on (interactive) wireframes of the two main use cases which are preparing of information and presenting it in the courtroom proceeding. We're using Adobe XD for prototyping and plan to realize it with code later.
Our next steps will be to finish the wireframing and screen design.


User Experience Design
4th Semester — Winter 2018/19
HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend

Supervised by Jonathan Boelz


Ana Keser
Jan Schneider
Marcus Schoch
Xian Wu